Just Tear,




& Go !


MediPack stores all your daily medicines in easy-to-open pouches

The pouches are dispensed from a box in the order you have to take them with each pouch containing the medication due on a specific day at a particular time.
Each pouch is marked with the date and time of the dose so it’s easy to remember whether you’ve taken them or not. And if you’re going out for the day you can just tear off the pouches you need and take them with you.

Reducing the risk of taking the wrong tablets at the wrong time

And it’s much easier and safer to use than a Pill Box, Medicine Organiser,
or Monitored Dosage System (MDS) tray.

You just tear, take & go!

Available across the whole of South Wales!

Find out more about MediPack in the video below.

MediPack, the safer way to take your medicines.



If any of the above apply then Mayberry Pharmacy’s MediPack can help you.



We order and collect your repeat prescriptions from your GP surgery each month...

Prepare your MediPack with your medicines...

Have your MediPack ready for you to pick up or deliver it straight to your home for free!

MediPack, the safer way to take your medicines.


Do I need to live near a Mayberry Pharmacy to sign-up for Medi-Pack?

No you don’t. Whether there’s a Mayberry Pharmacy in your hometown or not we will order your prescriptions from your GP surgery and deliver your MediPack to your home free of charge wherever you live in South Wales.

I have to take tablets and use other kinds of medicines like creams too. Does this matter?

No don’t worry, we will supply you with all of your medicines including those that don’t go in your MediPack. And so you know when you have to take these medicines your MediPack will include pouches with a reminder to take something that isn’t included in the pack.

How do I use my MediPack?

Your MediPack includes all of your daily medicines in pouches, which are marked with your name, the date and time of the dose, as well as details of the tablets you have to take. The pouches are dispensed from a box in the order you have to take them. So, for example, if your first dose is on Monday morning the first pouch from the box will be marked with the day (Monday), the date and time of your dose (11/2/14 morning), and your name and details of the medication. It’s simple, safe and easy.

I have problems with my hands and can’t grip very well. Will this mean MediPack is not suitable for me?

Don’t worry, the pouches are really easy to open. They are joined together by perforated edges, which makes them very easy to tear from the box and to open. We have tested MediPack with patients that have suffered with stroke and they have all reported how much easier it is to get their tablets from MediPack compared to opening them from a box or container.

How are my MediPacks made?

The MediPacks are put together by our senior pharmacy team using a special, state-of-the-art robot at our pharmacy headquarters in Gwent. Our pharmacy team scans your prescription into the robot, which then dispenses your tablets into the pouches ready for them to go into your MediPack box. The pouches are checked by our pharmacy team and then delivered to your home or local Mayberry Pharmacy by your MediPack Customer Care Driver.

Can I get MediPack from any other pharmacy?

No, MediPack has been launched and funded by Mayberry Pharmacy because we want to do more to help people across the whole of South Wales who have to take lots of medicines. It is only available through Mayberry Pharmacy, but you don’t need to live near one of our pharmacies to sign-up. We will order your prescriptions, prepare your MediPack and deliver it to you for free wherever you live in
South Wales.

Who is MediPack free for?

If you have a long-term medical condition such as arthritis, diabetes, kidney or heart problems, depression or high blood pressure and have to take lots of tablets then MediPack is free. If you’re unsure then just speak to one of our MediPack pharmacy team by ringing freephone 08001 300408.

MediPack, the safer way to take your medicines.

Do you work within the care sector?


If you work within the care sector then MediPack can help you and your service users.

The safer way to administer medicines

MediPack makes it safer for your team to administer medicines to service users reducing the risks associated with this level care. Each pouch is released from the box in the order they have to be taken and is clearly marked with the date, time of dose, and patient and
medication details.

We provide free MAR charts with all MediPacks and can tailor these charts so that they meet your needs and requirements.
We also provide you with access to a dedicated 24hr on-call pharmacist to deal with any concerns or questions relating to a service
user’s medicines.

We already work with:


And we’d love to help you. For more information please contact our MediPack team on freephone 08001 300408 or email info@medipack.co.uk.

MediPack, the safer way to take your medicines.


Contact us today either by filling in this form,
emailing us at info@medi-pack.co.uk
or calling our freephone helpline on 08001 300508